Clinical, Administrative, Research, And Educational

Transcultural C.A.R.E. Associates is a private organization providing keynote presentations, workshops, seminars, consultations, and training focusing on clinical, administrative, research and educational issues related to cultural competence, health care equity, social justice, transcultural health care & mental health.

Clinical – Provide direct and indirect consultation to clients with health care and mental health issues related to their cultural and/or ethnic background.

Administrative – Provide agencies with consultation, training and presentations regarding such administrative issues as organizational cultural competence; recruitment and retention of minorities; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and cultural diversity in the workforce.

Research – Provide consultation on research grants, demonstration projects, and proposals in the areas of cultural competency and the delivery of culturally responsive healthcare services, health equity,  and cultural competence in the health professions.

Educational – Conduct workshops, seminars and presentations on various topics of cultural competence in health care and mental health, as well as provide in-service education to clinicians and other healthcare providers on cultural competence. In addition, provide academic settings with consultation regarding the development of a culturally responsive curriculum . Train-the-trainer workshops are also available for small groups of 10-12 individuals.

Another service of Transcultural C.A.R.E. Associates is our training institute. Transcultural C.A.R.E Training Institute is currently in the process of planning course offerings and group consultation conducted by Dr. Campinha-Bacote. These course offerings will be divided into four “C.A.R.E. tracks” – Clinical, Administrative, Research & Education (see link).

Scheduling Presentations

To provide you with ideas for possible presentations for your organization, the below abstract, along with an example of a content outline and behavioral objectives, will give you an idea of what we can present. For ideas of topic presentations, you can also review my curriculum vitae (link) for presentations I have conducted.

Please note that the below abstract, content outline, behavioral objectives, and past presentations conducted, serve only to provide you with mere examples of the types of presentations we can do. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Campinha-Bacote, directly at (513) 469 -1664 or e-mail her at to discuss how we can design a workshop, keynote address, seminar, or consultation to meet your specific needs and expectations. If you are interested in the cost of these services, please e-mail Dr. Campinha-Bacote directly and she will email you her fee scale. We look forward to hearing from you!


Several models of service delivery have emerged to meet the challenges of providing culturally responsive and equable services to our growing multicultural world. However, despite these service delivery models, healthcare professionals continue to ask the question, “What does it mean to be a culturally competent healthcare professional?” In this presentation, Dr. Campinha-Bacote answers this question by taking healthcare professionals on a personal journey towards cultural competemility in healthcare delivery. This journey includes examining her practice model of cultural competence, The Process of Cultural Competemility in the Delivery of Healthcare Services. Dr. Campinha-Bacote discusses clinical application of the model’s constructs of cultural humility, cultural desire, cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill, & cultural encounters. It is the intent of this workshop to provide healthcare providers, administrators, educators, researchers and consumers with a model of cultural competence for positively impacting on the quality of healthcare services in a culturally relevant manner.

Behavioral Objectives

By the completion of this seminar the learner will be able to:

1. Discuss an overview of cultural competency in healthcare delivery
2. Discuss the "cultural competence vs cultural humility debate"
3. Define cultural competemility in healthcare delivery
4. Discuss the six components of cultural competemility in healthcare delivery

Content Outline

I. Introduction

a. Overview of the presentation

b. Justification of the need for cultural competemility

II. Cultural Competence

a. Definitions

b. The "Cultural Humility vs Cultural Competence" debate

III. Campinha-Bacote’s Model of Cultural Competemility and Clinical Application

a. Definition of cultural competemility

b. Assumptions of the model

c. Cultural Humility

d. Cultural Awareness

e. Cultural Knowledge

f.  Cultural Skill

g. Cultural Encounters

h. Cultural Desire

IV. Conclusion

a. Summary

b. Question/Answers

c. Evaluation