Publications by Dr. Campinha-Bacote

Audio - Visuals

Campinha-Bacote, J. (2022). Intention.   A sonic healing album that melds the melodies and instrumentation of Afro-diasporic musicians in harmony with nature to offer a healing presence to listeners. In N. Campinha-Bacote, et al. (Eds.). Gilead. CT: Yale Institute of Scared Music, Yale University.  (

Campinha-Bacote, J. and Allbright, J. (1995). C.A.R.E. II (Culturally-specific Africentric Recovery Exercise). An audio cassette tape, based on Africentric and Ethnomusic Therapy principles. Designed for African Americans with addiction problems.

Slater, I. and Campinha-Bacote, J. (1992). A Culturally Specific Smoking Cessation Program for African Americans. Video produced by a federally funded grant sponsored by the American Heart & Lung Association. A training tape designed for health care professionals who have been certified by the American Heart & Lung Association and are working with African American clients.

Campinha-Bacote, J., Campinha-Bacote, D. & Allbright, R.J. (1992). C.A.R.E. I (Culturally-specific Africentric Relaxation Exercise). A culturally specific relaxation audio cassette produced by Twin Hills Recording Studio; California, Ohio. This tape is based on Africentric & Ethnomusic Therapy principles (flute and narrative composition arranged by J. Campinha-Bacote).

Campinha-Bacote, J. (1990). Culturological Assessment. Video produced by the Hamilton County Mental Health Board, funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Columbus, Ohio. This tape articulates the importance of conducting a culturalogical assessment during a psychiatric examination.

Campinha-Bacote, J., et al. (1989). Too Young to be High. Video produced by a grant funded by the Bureau of Alcoholism and Alcohol Resource Services, State of Ohio. This tape focuses on preventive strategies in the area of substance abuse/use to use when dealing with African American youth, ages 5-18.